1. Change the layout of the room

  2. Make tangible changes to the environment

  3. Change or create displays

  4. Embody the class ethos and outlook in concrete forms

  5. Use body language

  6. Create the appropriate atmosphere

  7. Give opportunities for practice

  8. Change the context/framework

  9. Change examples and illustrations to match your framework

  10. Put skills in a context of values

  11. Focus, identify, highlight, be intentional

  12. Change the emphasis

  13. Change key words and metaphors

  14. Change resources, tasks, or activities

  15. Change your choice of content

  16. Choose an approach to suit the new emphasis

  17. Adjust your style

  18. Change your planning: timing, sequence, and lesson structure

  19. Check what you give significance to, test, and reward

  20. Plan time and space for reflection

  21. Change the student interaction

  22. Ask big questions / Change your questioning

  23. Provide contrasts and set up dissonance (clashes)

  24. Make connections with faith and life

  25. Make connections with the wider world

  26. Model a new emphasis

  27. Add the personal touch