1. Toward connecting faith with all of life

  2. Toward honoring the wonder of God’s world

  3. Toward curiosity about life’s big questions

  4. Toward meaning, significance, and purpose

  5. Toward seeing people holistically

  6. Toward being challenged and changed

  7. Toward celebrating grace

  8. Toward appreciation and gratitude

  9. Toward delighting in God’s world

  10. Toward focused, loving attentiveness

  11. Toward respect and reverence

  12. Toward trust and affirming faith

  13. Toward humility and hospitality

  14. Toward seeking the good of others

  15. Toward finding worth through love

  16. Toward interdependence and community

  17. Toward love and forgiveness

  18. Toward hope and joy

  19. Toward self-control and peace

  20. Toward embracing responsibility

  21. Toward Christian values and virtues

  22. Toward healing brokenness and seeking justice

  23. Toward encouragement and working for change

  24. Toward giving and serving others