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Each example includes:

  1. A brief commentary explaining how it connects with a Christian understanding of faith, hope and love.
  2. A brief explanation of how it connects with the 'What If Learning' approach.
  3. Suggestions for how you could create more examples like it.
  4. Hints for digging deeper into some Christian ideas that might illuminate the example.

These examples are for teachers, how much of the information is shared with students will depend on the context.

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Physical Education


Bodies and People

What if PE helped students understand how they are made?



The Meaning of Time

What if children were helped to think about the quality of different times in history?



Art and Beliefs

What if art helped students communicate important feelings, thoughts, and beliefs?



Art and Hospitality

What if students could learn respect through art?



Design and Delight

What if design and technology brought delight to others?



God's World

What if an environmental unit reflected ‘Our world’ as ‘God’s world’?



Book Week

What if book week were about gratitude and giving?

Foreign / Second Language


Grammar and Giving

What if a grammar lesson challenged selfishness?



Writing About Others

What if students could learn love and self-control through writing?



Loving a City

What if history could inspire students to love their city?



Words and Actions

What if picking up litter brought words and actions into line?



Community and Math

What if math created a community in which all could achieve?



Math and Giving

What if a math lesson helped students to think about giving?



Cooking and Honoring

What if cooking helped students to honor the elderly?

Bible Class


Respecting Difference

What if Bible classes helped students to respond respectfully to difference?



Seeing Connections

What if growing beans helped students see the interconnectedness of the world?



Rules and Community

What if a unit on class rules were about growing together?



Poetry and Hope

What if a poem helped students to think about how they can change?